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Get your creative juices flowing with help from our various sessions in Painting, Shibori dyeing, Acrylic and Resin pours, Resin Geodes, Relief work, Kutchi lippan, Mandala art, Gond art, Zentangle, Doodling and many more.

Kiddy’s creativity

We introduce a topic to the kids and probe them to come out with their interpretation and we. A thousand questions and arguments later, the end results surprises both the teachers and the parents!

We take care to see that neither the teacher’s nor the parent’s biases affect the final outcome.



Painting is one medium that allows one to explore.

Egg painting

Getting the ‘marbling’ effect on the egg is for the more adventurous.

Finger Painting

Finger painting can be a bit messy but very satisfying.


Diya Painting

Painting diyas during Diwali is an experience the children do not forget.

A sense of achievement for the adults

Resin pours or Acrylic pours result in beautiful and attractive art pieces which can be used either as a wall hanging or as a table top. It can be a clock face Рthe uses are limitless.  It only depends on your imagination!

Beautiful Acrylic pours

A sense of achievement!

The joy that one feels after creating something which would last you almost forever cannot be expressed.

The joy shows on their faces!


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