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Aboriginal art is the oldest form of artistic expression in the world. Art cavings, found in the Northern Territory’s Arnhem Land, dates back at least 60,000 years.Using soil and rock, artists were able to produce carvings, ground designs, paintings and body paintings.
To understand Aboriginal Art, one has to first understand its Symbolism, Iconography and meticulous rules.
Aboriginal people , do not have a written language.Thats the reason why Art work, is very central to Aboriginal culture. Spoken form, is now extinct. Each tribe had a different dialect, therefore each artist has a different story, so no two Aboriginal art work are ever the same.
Aboriginal artists cannot paint a story that is not from their lineage. If they seek to paint a story , concerning historical or sacred information, they must be given permission before they can proceed. 
Shaila Creativity Aboriginal Art
Shaila Creativity Aboriginal Art
Shaila Creativity Aboriginal Art
In the early drawings, in soil or body paintings, the Aboriginal artists used a lot of sacred symbols in their art for that particular ceremony, which were relevant to their tribe. Once the ceremony was over, they would smoothen the soil and wash the painted bodies because uninitiated people (even though they are from the same tribe), were not permitted to see the sacred symbols.
Only an artist of aboriginal origin can produce and title it as Aboriginal art.
Even a non-indigenous Australian does not have he authority to paint an Aboriginal piece of artwork.  
It is considered both disrespectful and unacceptable to paint on behalf of someone else’s culture.
It is forbidden.

For classes to learn this amazing art form, contact Shaila – 9833230461 / Whatsapp or iishtart@gmail.com

All you need:
*1 sheet A3 sized paper
Or two A3 size newspaper stuck together
*Paint it in a greenish blue shade
* 1 medium round brush
* 2 toothpicks
* 4 ear buds
* 2 pencils
* Acrylic colours – White, Red, Yellow, Blue and Yourself!


  1. Bharti

    Hi Shaila,
    Just received your message this morning…. would love to try out your class ….. will not be able to do your class today but am definitely interested in trying your class …. Wl you let me know when you Wl have the next avbl class then I can register for it !!

  2. Ruchi Lakhanpal

    hi shailaja ..thoroughly enjoyed our class today ..it was theraputic and so well explained ..thank you ..


      Namaste all ,
      Thankyou Shaila the whole experience for me has been cathartic.

      I’m Ameeta I have founded a well-being initiative in Pune called Healyam where I curate number of workshops and meditation sessions for the community.last year I was very keen to learn the art forms mainly to learn how colour and art can heal from within .I combine mindfulness art and the subconscious in EQ building sessions for kids and adults.

      This workshop has activated my sacral chakra ,awakened in me my need to create more.i really am enjoying the colours feel of paint on paper shapes and being pulled to do more .Gratitude ???

      • Shailaja Salian

        Hi Ameeta,
        You could join in after a very long time and although, you were very clear about what you are looking for.I am so glad that you enjoyed your art session. I wish, that you use your experience to introduce others to the world of colours.
        All the best.

  3. Anjali Rao Peechara

    Dear Ms.Shaila,
    Your style of teaching is really inspiring and encouraging me to peruse further into various art forms.

  4. Deepali

    Hi .
    Today’s session on inspired aboriginal art was fun n very informative ..as we also were given insights of the origin and history of the art ..will look forward to attend the next session .

    • Shailaja Salian

      Hi Deepali,
      I am so glad that you enjoyed the session.
      Thank you

      • Nargis Rachel Basu

        CE Dreamtime stories is Shailaja’s dream target to teach and enrich the lives of people through art. The people who learn from her the different forms of art(in this case ‘Aboriginal art’ ) attain a sense of elation with their own creativity, with her patient and expert guidance. Shailaja is a cool teacher. She has sparked interest, creativity and color into my retired life . I thank also my daughter who has pushed me into Shailaja’s classes, to look forward to worthwhile creativity. ??

        • Shailaja Salian

          Nargis aunty,
          Thank you for your lovely feedback. This gives courage to proceed further, introducing people to the world of art, in my own small way.

    • Bharti Gajria

      Thank you Shailaja for opening the art gateway for me!! It was a wonderful and enjoyable experience!! I had never done Aboriginal art form before!! Your teaching style was smooth and easygoing!! I look forward to doing more art classes with you!!

  5. laxmi

    Hi Shailaja, Whenever I attend your classes, I leave energized and excited. You’re what a teacher is supposed to be – thanks for the motivation!

    • Shailaja Salian

      Thank you so much, it means a lot.
      I am glad you enjoyed the session.

      • Tarini Agarwal

        Shailaja is a patient teacher, her own nature seeps into the sessions; calm and peaceful.
        I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and would highly recommend the course to everyone.

    • Shailaja Salian

      Thank you Shruti,
      You are a keen learner and absorb in every instruction, that is a great quality.

  6. Asawari Deoras

    Shailaja thank you for very interesting and productive sessions on aboriginal art. You are a patient and generous teacher who has made this art so interesting and inspiring. Your teaching style and friendly approach to students is very commendable. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and am now enthused with ideas and possibilities. Wish you great success in taking this therapeutic art to more people.

    • Shailaja Salian

      Thank you Asawari,
      It was a pleasure guiding you.

  7. Tarini Agarwal

    Shailaja is a patient teacher. I’ve found the sessions very meditative and calming.
    Two and a half hours just go by easily.
    Thank you Shailaja for introducing a new form to me.

    • Shailaja Salian

      Thank you Tarini,
      It was a pleasure to guide an accomplished artist like you.

  8. Shruti

    Hello shailaja aunty , shruti here ?
    I loved your classes they were amazing , I have not learnt such a beautiful thing for quite sometime , your teaching techniques are awesome ??… I recently did a class with a different teacher but the teacher wasnt very good so I decided to not continue with her , then I came across you and you had actual knowledge and passion and hence I loved it ?

  9. Dorothy Vas

    Hello Shailaja,

    It was very nice to know you were conducting painting classes, and was excited as I thought it was THE THING needed to do during this Covid time. Soon I joined in and was a little disappointed at first, as I thought it was a geometry class !!! which was not what I had looked forward to. At my age of 71 yrs I thought it to be a challenge but was rather nervous as this Google meet form of teaching was also absolutely new to me. Thereafter, as we progressed, the actual pattern showed up and I was awestruck and looked forward to painting the Turkish Islamic pattern which I was very pleased with.

    Your patient teaching was something to be admired especially with me clearing all my doubts. You are an excellent teacher as you speak art, breathe art and seem to have it in your blood. Teaching and sharing knowledge is a wonderful gift!!!
    Many will benefit by your classes I am sure.

    Wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.

    Thank you so much and all the best with your classes ahead.

    • Shailaja Salian

      Thank you Dorothy for your kind words.
      It was an honour to guide a dedicated person like you.
      Very meticulous and never gave up.

  10. Avantika

    Shalija is a very gifted artist & a wonderful teacher .
    Her classes are fun & informative .
    I always enjoy them & my time with her .

    • Shailaja Salian

      Thank you Avantika,
      I am so glad that you are enjoying the sessions.

  11. Hina Palkar

    Hey Shaila! First, thank you for organizing the art class for us. It was a great experience learning about Aboriginal Art from you. Your classes were very well planned and were informative.

    I had fun painting along with you. I always liked painting but have never tried the dotting technique before and I am glad I could learn it from you. Thank you so much. Looking forward for more such creative classes from you. All the best 🙂


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