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Shailas Creative Turkish Design 1
Shailas creative turkish Design 3

Geometry of Tessellation
Islamic patterns.

12 fold Rosette. Lattice pattern.

These classes are for Adults as well as Kids. The level of intricacy is different for each of these groups.

A Brief Description

Islamic art avoids figurative images from becoming objects of worship.

This aniconism in Islamic culture, caused artists to explore non- figural art and created a general aesthetic shift toward mathematically based decoration.

In Islamic culture, the pattern are believed to be the bridge to the spiritual realm, the instrument to purify the mind and the soul.

The precision in the rendition of the art, is equivalent to the perfection. That symbolises a supreme level of constant evolving, in order to achieve a level, which is close to perfection.


For Kids

It is a fun painting session. They will be provided with a stencil in each session and each time a option of different colouring techniques would be given.

They can choose any process they want or depending on what they have.

Things needed
* 1-A4 size paper
* For colouring –
Colour pencils, water color or water color pencils, crayons, sketch pens, poster colour.


For Adults

Adults are guided through an intensely satisfying, intricate process of Turkish Islamic pattern making.

It’s like experiencing a marvel unfold.
There are steps to follow
Pattern making
We need
*1- A4 sized paper
*Compass or a round plate
*1- HB pencil
*colour pencils or fine tipped colour pen

Tracing Process
We need
* 1- A4 sized tracing paper
* Paper sticky tape or cello tape
* 2- 3 B pencil

We need only a spoon

* 1- A4 Sized paper
* Poster paint or Acrylic paint or Water colour or colour pencils.


Contact 9833230461 for details of the next class.




  1. Nilu Poddar

    Dear Shailaja
    It was a great pleasure to learn Islamic art from you . I really appreciate ur patience looking forward for more classes .

  2. Shruti

    Hi my name is Shruti and Shailaja aunty is awesome? I enjoyed the sessions immensely ?even though I was in the adult batch due to timing issues ..she handled along with the others just like any good teacher ?

    • Shailaja Salian

      Thank you Shruti,
      It fun guiding you through this process.

  3. Asawari Deoras

    I took the 4 week class which introduced me to Islamic art and I learnt to make the dodecagon, tiling and designing. I was holding a compass after many decades and had imagined that it would be difficult to be precise and accurate as the art demanded. But Shailaja’s teaching methods made me comfortable and the classes were very enjoyable and productive. Shaila demonstrated great patience in answering innumerable doubts, calmness in dealing with mistakes, and good humour at my clumsiness. This short course has opened the doors for me to accept more challenges in the Islamic art. Thank you Shaila for a very productive 4 weeks.

    • Shailaja Salian

      Thank you Asawari,
      For your kind words.
      It was a pleasure to guide an accomplished artist like you.

  4. Krttika Kumar

    I had a lot of fun doing this the last 4 weeks. I did this with my sister and my 80 year old grandmother, who is all the way in India, while My sister and I are in America. Even many miles away, it was fun and not confusing at all to make these complex designs and learn about Turkish and Islamic art. I loved these classes and would recommend it to anybody who loves art!

    • Shailaja Salian

      Thank you Krutika,
      I had fun guiding you’ll.

  5. Kavya Kumar

    I took the four week class with my sister, Krttika and my grandmother. Shaila Aunty helped us all become more productive over quarantine. We learned how to create beautiful designs and patterns using skills from geometry. I would like to thank Shaila Aunty for giving us this opportunity and the experience to learn and do something different!

  6. Nargis Rachel Basu

    At 80 years, I became a student again, together with my granddaughters, when I joined Shaila’sCreativity Classes .
    Turkish art is an amazing learning skill of geometrical patterns that churn out into beautiful intricate designs
    I am thankful to my teacher, Shailaja, who has so patiently and painstakingly taught a senior like me this very precise geometrical designing in an easy simple manner. (Such teaching is an art by itself.)
    I enjoyed the lessons. They have kept me creatively occupied during these dreaded COVID-19 times.
    I would like to enroll for the Aborigine Art sessions.
    Thank you once again, Shaila.

    • Shailaja Salian

      Nargis aunty,
      Thank you for such lovely words. These kind words are a blessing, when it comes from an ex principle.
      Thank you once more.


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