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These classes are for Adults as well as Kids.

A Brief Description

The most fundamental element of art is the line.

The important feature of the line is that, it defines the edge of a two dimensional or 3 dimensional shape. Using the techniques, Line weight and cross hatching we get our desired effect.

To try any sort of drawing, we need to start with drawing different types of lines (  straight, curvy, thick, thin, cross Hatching, line weight).

It is generally done with a pencil or a fine nib pen, mostly monochromatic on a plain background.

This art style helps us in improving eye hand coordination..

It helps in developing better motor skills and increases stability and grip.

The more we focus on synchronising our breadth with each stroke, we get more clarity in our drawing.

These benefits people from all walks of life.


Things needed

* Micro tip (or any other) pen
* Pencil
* Eraser
* A4 size paper


For next class, contact Shaila – 9833230461


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