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Relief Art is one of the earliest form of sculpting, with the first records dating back to the cave art of the Upper Palaeolithic, around 25,000 BCE.

Over the centuries, it remained a popular art form in many cultures, from Ancient Egyptian wall carvings to the sculpted Marble and Bronze pictorial style of the Italian Renaissance.

Relief, is a sculptural technique. Where the sculptured elements (Clay,Texture paste etc), remain attached to a solid background of the same material.

The term RELIEF, is a derived from a Latin verb “relevo”, means to raise. To create a sculpture in a relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background plane.

Today many artists continue to practise the age-old sculptural technique, but often with a modern twist.

Types of Relief Art

There are 3 types of reliefs:

BAS Relief

This means relief, whereby the motifs are only raised slightly above the surface.

ALTO Relief

Or high level relief, whereby the sculpture projects are atleast half or more of its natural circumference form the background.


Or incised relief, whereby the is sunk below the level of the flat surface.

The ancient relief sculptural technique involves creating 3D elements that remain attached tp a 2D background of the same material, resulting in a sculpted motifs that are raised from the surface.

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