My daughter has been associated with Shailaja (shelly, as addressed by the kids) for 3 years now. From holding the pencil to minimising the use of an eraser, to keeping the things in place, to not associating with the word ‘mistake’ to giving the freedom to expand the horizon of their imagination, I have no words to exactly describe what Shailaja has inculcated in my daughter.

She has no inhibition whatsoever to draw anything. The confidence, that I see in my daughter while drawing or painting anything new, is subtle but deeply sowed by Shailaja. Every time I am awed by the introduction of new, yet unique forms of art to my daughter.

I am very proud to have her as an art teacher for my children.


Proud parent


Shailaja’s art classes are “creative, fun and uplifting” says my 10-year old.

I’ve known Shailaja Salian for 10 years, as a dear friend and a deeply artistic individual. So, when she extended her art workshops to children, I jumped at the opportunity and enrolled my daughter.

Shaila’s highly engaging workshops introduce the children to a range of artists and artistic styles and hone their creative skills.

The bonus is that she teaches them to connect the dots and learn important life lessons also.




Shaila’s classes have introduced my kids to so many styles of art, way beyond what I expect from an art class for young kids. While many art teachers might focus only on drawing and coloring, Shaila has introduced my kids advanced techniques from different parts of the world and inculcated in them the love for art.

My kids are excited about the art part, but as a parent, I value the life skills they have learned. Since my kids have started with Shaila, I have seen great improvement in their focus, patience, attention to detail, creativity, willingness to try difficult things, etc. In fact, their school projects have become more creative and complex.

Thank you for your patience with the kids, and your teaching style of guiding them in a way that brings out their own unique creativity.



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